Un Llarg Viatge d'Orient a Occident- Laura en América

Red lights, [Un acordeón en Palermo], Todo puede pasar, aún. Todo es posible. Todo pasa mas queriendo que sin querer. Estaciones con mendigos y guitarristas. Suena un Waltz en La Paz y el caribe en Rio, cántico de negros, alma blanca e impura. Cierro los ojos y me pierdo en América, a pesar de todo, de ti, de él y de todos nosotros, a pesar de la historia y de los hombres. The spirit from the north, the cherry-red spirit travelling through paradise.

Bogotá off the road 2004/2005

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pilsner Trip

I don't exactly know what possessed me in The Czech Republic. but, possessed I was.
Was it the architecture? the three of a kind architectonical periods all in the same city, same neighbourhood, same old-eastern-european soul that lies beneath the streets of Prague.
Was it the wonderful gestronomic experience of international meals for less than a coffee back home?
or perhaps the feeling of oblivion in the middle of a square...making allusions to middle ages and baroque, avoiding urbanism and enjoying local beer.

I still don't know... but tried to capture it in pictures.

This is us. Peter and I... conquering the Cesky Republiky! Na Zdravi!


Best beer in town! Salute!

Telc. ft. Peter

Cesky Krumlov nearby Vienna.

Cesky Krumlov

Olomouc, Student's town. (Nearby Slovakia)

Amadeus had some coffee here.


Kutna Hora, Bone Church (yes... Church made out of bones)

Praha, Juden Viertel. (Jewish Neighbourhood)

Praha, Charles's V Brigde.



Regalito de cumpleanhos pa' Germnan.

Praha, Tower Clock.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caminito, adiós.

Ode to Carlos Gardél

Caminito que el tiempo ha borrado
Que juntos un día nos viste pasar
He venido por última vez
He venido a contarte mi mal.

Caminito que entonces estabas
Bordeado de trébol y juncos en flor
Una sombra ya pronto serás
Una sombra lo mismo que yo.

Desde que se fue
Triste vivo yo
Caminito amigo
Yo también me voy.

Desde que se fue
Nunca más volvió
Seguiré sus pasos
Caminito, adiós.

Caminito abierto de cardos
La mano del tiempo tu huella borró
Y a tu lado quisiera caer
Y que el tiempo nos mate a los dos.

Desde que se fue
Triste vivo yo
Caminito amigo
Yo también me voy.

Desde que se fue
Nunca más volvió
Seguiré sus pasos
Caminito, adiós.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Arte BA

L'art pour l'art. Buenos Aires, Argentina


La Revancha del Tango


Buenos Aires del Alma

Finally, ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the legacy of 6 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Congreso y Callao

National Congress

View from the top


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saudade do Brasil

Iguazú falls. Argentinian and Brazilian side.
Rio de Janeiro and Sao Pablo.

(unfortunately it wasn't such a good idea to take my canon 400D to the streets of Rio, specially during carnaval, that explains my lack of photos)


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Between Bolivia and bloody Paraguay

Leaving Bolivia...

...well, as you can see if you scroll down to the photos. When arriving at imigration between Bolivia and Paraguay -yes these 3 wooden desks in the middle of the dessert, that was imigration-, I seemed to have forgotten this paper which has got a stamp that's got the exact day I got into the country. When telling the police officer, who sat in this completely destroyed little house with a shitload of papers, old books and ancient maps, that I didn't have that paper with me, he told me I had to pay a fee. (didn't want to, but hey.. he wanted only 25 bolivianos, which is... 2,5 quid). Finally I did... and when I turned back, just for inertia, i saw the guy putting the 25 boliviano bill into his pocket. Bah.. I couldn't bother any longer, just wanted to rest on a decent bed so I said to myself: "hey, at least I bought the guy a lunch." Bah.. that's the way the cookie crumbles in these countries.

as for Paraguay...

I don't even know how to start talking about Paraguay. I spend less than 24 hours in this country and I felt like leaving from the moment I arrived.

Paraguay is like this South American favela-like neighbourhood but bigger, nastier and filthier. Yet, I did have fun talking to some -not all- Paraguayans. Paraguay is the country of corruption. Things here are managed with money, which gives you power to do whatever you want. There is not such thing as "the law", this is Darwin al over again... survival of the fittest to the fullest. It is completely normal to bride whoever crosses by, specially if they are foreigners, not to mention Bolivians.

Ciudad del este is this "Sanandrecito-like" city. Sanandrecito is a shopping centre with only merchandise which has come through the black market, this makes things way cheaper but with no warranty at all. People from all over south america come to this place to buy from cameras, to laptops, from hair dryers, to car batteries. You can even sell your soul here to the devil... it wouldn't surprise me if you could...Once you arrive, there are people everywhere pushing you to come to the best, cheapiest store in town in the hope you'll fall in the trap and buy some crappy electronic device and never come back to complain about it.

ciudad del este, Paraguay

Photo from the bus. sunrise

Leaving Bolivia